Sunday, March 27, 2016

KX International Outreach program launched in Indonesia

The original plan for the Katutubo Exchange (KX) international outreach program was to conduct it to foreign nationals but we have realized that there are Filipino communities abroad which need to know more of their Filipino heritage. 

So, since I am visiting Bali Indonesia on a weekend of February, I have contacted the group Bali Filipino Community and was able to communicate with it’s president Mrs. Angelita Los Banos and requested them to implement KX outreach program in their community. After a few days, I got a confirmation from her. I prepared the things which I needed for the outreach such as powerpoint presentation, manila papers, and the tarpaulin. 

From my accommodation close to the airport, I took a taxi going to the venue of the outreach program. It is an international school called Sekola Lentera Kasih located at Kerobokan in Bali. I tried to get there early to avoid inconveniences. I arrived before 1pm and the schedule was at 2pm. One by one, the participants arrived at the site. 

I was surprised that all of the participants were teachers with a total of 20. One indigenous Applai woman from Mountain Province was present. There was only one child present. All of them came very interested to participate in the seminar-workshop. 

I introduced Katutubo Exchange Philippines to the group by citing its visions and objectives as well its accomplishments. Later, I talked about the Philippine Indigenous Peoples and traditional arts. Some participants from Iloilo were surprised to know also of the Panay Bukidnon tribe that exists in their own province and they expressed their intention to visit their community when they get the chance to go home. 

The participants had fun in learning the Baybayin, the ancient Filipino script. That was their first time to write and read baybayin. A few of them was so quick to read some of the words which I wrote on a bookmark. They even wrote the name of their association in Baybayin. 

After an enjoyable workshop, we capped the activity with snacks they have prepared. I brought royal bibingka from Ilocos for them to taste and they loved it. I also gifted the president with an inabel shawl. Then lastly, we had a group photo. I witnessed their group in the election of their officers.