Friday, February 26, 2016

KX Outreach for the Iloko kids

Since Basco Vice Mayor Ann Viola was in town on February 16-17 for our business meeting, I made use of our break to introduce her to the volunteer members of KX in Ilocos Norte. We had meeting over lunch on the first day. On the second day when we were in San Nicolas town for a site visit and inspection, we visited the elementary school then conducted a short outreach program for the Iloko kids of the same school. 

The children are officers and members of the student heritage organization. There were ten of them plus their adviser/teacher took part of the short program. I introduced to the participants the Katutubo Exchange Philippines and later introduced Vice Mayor Viola, She delivered a talk on the Ivatan culture. All of them got excited hearing from her. 

At the last part of the session, she shared an indigenous Ivatan game called tatus relay. Tatus is the Filipino term for coconut crab. This is an exotic food from their island home. The kids had a great time playing then later concluded the session with a short farewell message and a photo opportunity.