Sunday, July 8, 2012

Second Time at Missionaries of Charity

It is very fulfulling to be sharing time with the less fortunate children. This is what I have experienced last year when I spent my birthday with them bringing some food to eat. I helped feed some of the children. These are children who may not have parents to look after them and some are even sick or with disabilities. 

After coming from Batangas I went to volunteer to the Missionaries of Charity Home of Joy in Tayuman Manila. It is a charitable institution founded by Mother Theresa and a lot of nuns take care of these children. They also have house parents who look after the children. They feed them, bath them and put them to sleep. 

I had the chance to meet again the child Maricris whom I met last year. She is a wheelchair borne girl who did not want to be fed by a woman volunteer but liked it to the man who celebrated his birthday with the kids. Everyone laughed. I experienced also this last year when she really chooses who to feed her. 

Other children whom I met and talked to were Eileen, Raiza, Eugene & Judy Rose. These are jolly kids who loved to be photographed. They really like to pose and enjoyed every photograph taken. 

I was not able to celebrate my birthday with them this year because I did not have the chance because of hectic schedules but I just donated some groceries for the children. I am hoping that I could come back next time and see again these adorable children.


sherene said...

Bless ur good heart Sir Ed, may God continue to bless you abundantly para marami kapang i share sa mga tao.

Edwin Antonio said...

Thank you very much Sherene. God bless you too!

Xtinita said...

Glory be to GOD. I'm proud to all thefamily missionaries.

Edwin Antonio said...