Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Second Time to Tam-awan

After attending a meeting in Baguio City last May, my colleagues from NCCA, Vice Mayor Ann Viola, Architect Osie Bautista and I went together to Tam-awan Village. This is my second time to see the village and the first one was in 2008. The admission fee is now at Php50 per adult. 

Tam-awan means vantage point because a good sunset can be viewed from the village. It is an indigenous model village resembling the design of a traditional Cordillera village. It has Ifugao huts and Kalinga houses. This village also houses art galleries and art shops. 

From the first gallery, there were some paintings and sculptures of bulol. We saw some tatoo artists doing the art on their clients. Next stop was at the shop where I was attracted to buy one nice choker made from a tooth of wild boar. My companions also bought their souvenirs from the shop. 

They also offer cultural shows and art workshops. Accommodation for guests is also available for Php500.00 a night and it is an interesting stay in a traditional set up. This village is being managed by Chanum Foundation. 

At first I didn’t notice the details of the art portrait of Manny Pacquaio, I didn’t give attention to it but when the artist explained that it was a product of pyrology, we were amazed. It is burning the wood using solar heat and a glass to come up with the art piece. 

We concluded our visit with seeing some of the houses and experiencing the indigenous flora and fauna. This village is beeing considered as garden in the sky. It was a wonderful experience not only for me but for my colleagues.

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