Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Business Trip to Davao

On the first week of February this year, the Subcommission for Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts of the NCCA had strategic planning workshop in Davao City. We were billeted at Grand Regal Hotel. 

I went earlier than my colleagues to Davao because I have to implement my Kids on Project Photography in one of the children shelter. I went straight to Calinan on a taxi. After the launch of my project I dropped by at the Redemptorist Church and I was fortunate that I saw at once my friend Bro. Jose Dela Cruz and invited me join them for dinner. He rang the bell and to my suprise he introduced me to the clergy. I met some old and new faces there. This is where I got a dose of the king of fruit with a strong odor but so luscious durian. What a welcome dinner! 

He later invited me to have a bottle or two of beer at the Hilltop, newest night bar in Davao opposite of Jack’s Ridge. It was a cozy place overlooking Davao downtown at night. We had a nice talk and I got from him the 3-month box where they donate old clothings to their brothers. Anybody could share anything that they don’t like anymore and someone is free to pick it up. If nobody’s interested then they share it to the inmates. It’s a way to unload some of your stuff from the closet. According to him it will enlighten you. After that warm jamming, he sent me off to my hotel. 

The following days were a gruelling discussion and workshop with my colleagues and with our speakers on designing plans for our subcommission. On our last night, we were fortunate that Bro. Jose is available and we took my colleagues to Jack’s Ridge, a restaurant on top of a hill that you get a good view of the city. This is a popular restaurant in the city that serves delicious food with a great ambience. We had rounds of beer and my colleagues enjoyed the place. 

Then we dropped by at the Matina Town Square, an open night bar. This is the hang out for young people. It is commendable in this city about their ordinance off limits to smoking in public places. I have been to Davao several times and been hearing balbakwa so I ordered one. It was a delicious meat stew that contains pork, ox-tail, skin and feet. 

On our last day, before we daparted for Manila, I went to the market early in the morning. I saw many fruits, one of which is the durian, mangosteen, marang, mangoes, pineapples, pomelo and a lot more. Truly Davao is haven for fruits.

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