Friday, April 6, 2012

Tadek Festival of Nueva Era

A week ago, I was tagged along by my colleague Alaric to his coverage of the Tadek Festival in the town of Nueva Era, Ilocos Norte. It was an hour drive going to that municipality passing by the towns of Dingras, Marcos and Banna. It was raining when we arrived.

People were on the sheds waiting for the rain to stop. We alighted at the trade exhibit area where we saw stalls filled with their farm produce and other products such as the handicrafts. We got inside the tribal hall where people clad in their ethnic costumes. According to them, a tribal congress was held a day before their festival.

Nueva Era is a 4th class municipality of Ilocos Norte. It is the second largest town in terms of land area but they only have a population of around 8,000 spread in the 11 barangays. This is a tribal town which is inhabited by the Tingguians.

Tadek is a ceremonial dance performed during the attainment of victory, marriage, after burial or remembering the dead. Traditionally the performers use the instruments tambor and gangsa for the dance music. A cloth called “allap” held at the tip of the fingers is used by the dancers to sway and make moves.

The newly established Nueva Era Water District was inaugurated by no less than Governor Imee Marcos. It is a project to serve a potable water system in the community. After which the parade was held, some of the floats decorated with indigenous materials and loaded with the local muses paraded around. There was drum and lyre performing. It was followed by a dance parade participated in by the different organizations of the community including the LGU.

And finally a dance showdown was exhibited in front of the town hall. Messages of the dances imparted to the public were the protection and preservation of the environment. Highlighting the showdown are the tadek dances.

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