Friday, March 16, 2012

A Showcase of Kabigan Falls

A good friend of mine Atchee Atsuko of Japan came to Ilocos Norte on an instant plan. She came by on a funny reason saying that she heard from the sun that she has to come to the Philippines. I told her that it was so co-incidental that Laoag is called Sunshine City because of the term meaning bright or light.

She stayed for three days. I brought her to Kabigan Falls in Pagudpud where she requested to visit a waterfalls. She enjoyed so much since she wanted to commune with nature. We trekked from the highway going there for about half an hour. A guide is always available for 100 pesos minimum fee. It was good that we got the lady guide who can communicate well.

We walked in the bushes, ricefields, under the tall trees and thick foliage, and crossed foot bridges. She really enjoyed every minute of walking. She even saw a carabao, huts , and people doing crafts.

The said waterfalls is located in Brgy Balaoi and its 1.8km from the highway. It’s a beautiful falls with a concave basin that visitors can take dip into after a 30 minute trekking. My Japanese friend really managed to take a swim and got so refreshed and we took each fresh buko juice after returning near the highway.

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