Sunday, March 18, 2012

Second-time visit to Miag-ao Church

I was able to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Miag-ao Church on a second time because of a meeting with National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). I went ahead to go around town before the meeting and it was perfect time to see this world class church.

The said church is located in the town of Miagao. It is a 1st class municipality of Iloilo and it is 40 km away from Iloilo City. Buses or jeepneys or even taxi are available transportation going there. I could not believe that it’s the largest municipality in the country with a total of 119 barangays.

This is one of the Barouque Churches of the Philippines built in 1786 by the Spanish Augustinian missionaries. It is made up of two watchtower bellfries on its bilateral sides which serve to monitor and to defend the people from the attacts of the Moros. It has thick walls and reportedly to have secret passages. This is sometimes referred to as the Miag-ao Fortress Church.

The bas-relief fa├žade is composed of a central feature, a big coconut tree which represents as the tree of life. There are other smaller trees present. The church represents the unique blend of Spanish and native influences.

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