Saturday, March 3, 2012

An Easy Side-trip to La Trinidad

After conducting a meeting in Baguio City, my colleagues from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts decided to visit the town of La Trinidad. It is famous for its strawberry farm and the trading post.

The said town is a first class municipality and the capital of Benguet. It was founded in 1950 and it has 16 barangays. It has a land area of 82.74 sq. km. We were taken to this town through the courtesy of our friend Brian Camhit. It was an easy trip because of the use of his car.

We went to see first the strawberry farm where we have seen the plants on the plot. Its white flower and the green young fruit can be seen in the plots and the very prominent are the red strawberry fruits. If one opted to go picking strawberries then a kilo of harvest would cost around Php300 while half the price for ready-packed strawberries. One can also try samples from the bilaos.

The town is a holder of a Guiness Book of World Record for baking the world’s largest strawberry cake in 2004. Aside from cake, strawberry cake and taho are popular by products which my friends have tried.

Trading post at the back of the town hall sells very cheap vegetables. My companions really ordered bulk of vegetables to bring to Manila. I have seen here several trucks delivering their vegetables, so fresh and yet so cheap in prices. I was able to taste a different variety of banana called danogen. Its only 2 pesos for a large size banana. It tastes really good but this is not so good for cooking..

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