Thursday, August 4, 2011

Delicious Delicacies of Leyte

A travel is not complete without sampling the local delicacies of a place. Food is always a part of the culture of the people. They are what they eat.

The province of Leyte being in the coastal areas in the Visayas region abounds with so many delicious foods. One of which is the seafood for meals. Aside from this, they have the kakanin or snacks made originally in Leyte.

These are the binagol, sagmani and moron. Binagol is made of sweetened taro and nuts. They call talyan the variety of taro or gabi species endemic in the locality. It is grounded and mixed with eggs, coconut milk, sugar, butter and chocolate. The mixture is later placed in coconut shell which is called bagol where the term binagol was taken. It is then wrapped in a banana leaves and steamed. I bought binagol at a price of 3 pcs for 100 pesos.

Sagmani is another delicacy which is less popular among the delicacies. It is made of cassava, gabi or sweet potatoes cooked with coconut milk sugar and coconut meat. It is quite similar to binagol.

Moron is another delicacy similar to suman but with chocolate flavor. These food are truly of wonderful taste and excite my palate everytime I come to Tacloban. These are perfect for pasalubong.

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