Thursday, July 28, 2011

Santuario de Santa Maria: A Resort for Retreat

Immediately after the Walk for a Cause to Kapurpurawan in Burgos, parish priest Fr. Ronald Bonayon invited us to visit his resort just close to the Cape Bojeador on the bayside.

Its been a long standing invitation to see this resort. We were initially taken to the fish sanctuary close to the resort where rock formations abound. Deep blue water can be seen and some fishes were apparent. This is the part where they cannot catch fish as per ordinance. He told us that he swims in this area. On the opposite side, fishing is allowed. Some boats were anchored on the shore.

On the resort itself, some cottages or shed were built. The land is naturally filled with white sand. We were then led to the main building where rooms are available for occupancy. Fr Bonayon took us to the attic and it looks beautiful and cool. The roof is made of labig and floor is wood. The windows frame the wonderful sights and scenes of the nature outside.

Fr Bonayon told us that this resort was built through his earnings from conducting retreat seminars and would like to share this resort to the public. Some finishing works are ongoing but it’s now ready for use.

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