Saturday, May 7, 2011

An Evening of Abel Fashion

Last month, I was asked by my colleagues in photography to help them cover the national convention of the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP). Several events were conducted. One of which was the fellowship night entitled Gameng Iloko.

It was held at the Malacanang ti Amianan. There was a showcase of Ilocano cultural performances, an awarding ceremony, a performance by violinist Jay Cayuca and of course the abel fashion show.

The abel fashion show was participated by no less than the members of the Ilocos Norte Medical Society and some from the ACCP. These doctors took off their scrub suits and sthetoscopes for the meantime and looked glamorous with their beautifully designed abel gowns and suits as they sashayed down the ramp.

I was surprised to see some of my friends who participated in this event. It was such a feast for the eyes when everyone was glued to the event as the models came out one by one with the abel suits from casual to evening gowns of varied designs.

The doctors that I saw in the fashion were Dr and Mrs Francis Ranada III, Dr and Mrs Robert Bueno, Dr. Liza Marie Paz Tan, Dr. Baluran, Dr and Mrs Formoso, Dr Isaias Alipio, Dr and Mrs Nonilone Corpuz and Dr. Rey Mamaclay with their gowns and suits designed by various local designers.

The highlight of the show was the presentation of a wedding gown made of abel and other indigenous materials. The bouquet had a twist, at first glance it may look like flowers but it’s actually a bundle of garlic bulbs. It was indeed a creative design.

I am so proud of this Ilocos handicraft abel which is truly a world class and uniquely Ilocano. It is a product of Ilocano ingenuity.

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