Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kids’ Project Photography launched in Laoag City

It is my desire to help the children of the world especially the poor kids who may not have all the opportunities to study and learn. So I was prompted to carry out a project called Kids on Project Photography (KPP) and launched it in my home base Laoag City.

Initially my target was implementing it to the school of children with disabilities. I had visited them a few times and I observed it to be the most challenging and difficult one because of their physical and mental limitations. Then my friend Ms Mai Sapinit from the Redemptorist Missionaries told me that an orphanage was looking for a teacher to teach art and photography to their kids. So I did not wait a moment and headed to the center where I met the nun administrator and the kids and implemented the project at once.

Kids’ Project Photography is an educational project that aims to teach the art of photography to the children. It is also a vehicle or medium to teach them the culture of different people. It has also the objective of developing the self esteem of the children to deal with everyday life.

Tahanang Carmela d’ Amore is the recipient of the charity project. It was started on September with a total of ten female children. This orphanage center is being run by the Daughters of Divine Zeal. I conducted several activities in line with photography.

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