Friday, February 4, 2011

Kalibo’s Yummy Festival Food

It’s been a tradition that every home in Kalibo gets to prepare some food in time for their town’s fiesta called Ati-atihan. Since my first year of attendance in this festival, I was told that every family raises a native pig so that they can offer the best tasting lechon with its crunchy skin to their guests during ati-atihan.

Another specialty of Kalibo is the hinubarang manok. The chicken is cooked with the grated banana stalk or the ubod. Binakol is also another chicken dish specialty. They cook the chicken inside a bamboo tube. There is a unique dish I have tried, it’s the ginataan ubod ng rattan. It taste bitter but its good. This is usually served as pulutan. It is combined with some pork and shrimps. We were also served with fresh talaba.

Even a guest who is not known to the family is also welcome to eat. Anyone can walk in to most houses to eat. A great appreciation goes to Clavel, Fernandez and De Aro families for such a wonderful gustatory experience.

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