Friday, January 28, 2011

ABS-CBN Global features Around the Americas in 60 Days

A couple of months ago, I was interviewed by the staff of television network giant ABS-CBN Global - The Filipino Channel headed by Ms. Guia Abdulla regarding my book Around the Americas in 60 Days. We had the bookstore of Central Books at Phoenix Building in Quezon City as our venue.

This was a great experience considering that I will have the exposure on the boob tube and I will be able to promote my book on a global scale. This mini feature being aired on various parts of the world that includes North America, Europe, Middle East, Australia and Japan is really a big help in the book promotion. It is an interstitial that fills in the gap between regular programs.

The crew set up the microphone, the lightings and the camera while Ms Guia checks the settings. She started throwing questions and we were like just having a casual conversation. She asked several questions pertaining to the book.

I was so surprised to see the feature as I was tagged on the video on Facebook lately. I am so happy with this wonderful video. It is being seen on all ABS-CBN The Filipino Channel worldwide.


Mai said...

You're really doing great!

Edwin Antonio said...

Thank you very much!