Thursday, December 16, 2010

Recitation of Daniw

A poetry and literature night was held at the Mariano Marcos Memorial University College of Teacher Education campus in Laoag City during the 7th Sunrise Festival. Supervisors and teachers participated in the recitation of daniw or poem. They interpreted the poems of Ilocano poets and writers such as Dr. Godofredo Reyes, Mr. Cles Rimbaud, Dr. Alegria Visaya and many more.

It was my first time to see recitation of daniw. It was fun to watch them deliver every line. It is totally different when you just read. When they recite with feelings, you appreciate it much more. All were written in Ilocano dialect so I had difficulty understanding some high falutin words but with recitation I can grasp the meaning. Most of the poems rhyme beautifully and some were funny.

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