Monday, December 13, 2010

Festival of Light: An Ephemeral Art

An ephemeral art is an art that lasts for a short period of time. It is transitory or short-lived. The festival of light held in Laoag City during the 7th Sunrise Festival is an ephemeral art. Some of the delegates includung us members of The Ilocandia Photographic Society (TIPS) joined and documented this very interesting activity. It was held in the wee hours of the morning at Padsan River under the Laoag bridge.

It was started at 4 in the morning with arrangement of pieces of coconut shells with wick made of linen or woven cloth and placed oil on it. They were scattered all over the river bank. The group also made a bonfire and started to light everything at the same time. Some of the lights were floated into the flowing water. The participants beat the drums and sang and chanted babanam kevalam which means love is all there is. While the rest danced. This is truly another unique experience.

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