Monday, September 20, 2010

Book Launch in Cebu

Few days before my visit to Cebu City, my book Around the Americas in 60 Days was ready to be distributed. I asked Central Books to expedite the shipment of the copies before I came in. With this trip to Cebu, I grabbed the opportunity to launch the book. We held a very simple ceremony at the Central Books branch located at GV Building in P. Del Rosario St.

I invited Fr. Ricky Acero, CSsR, parish priest of Redemptorist to unveil and bless the book. He offered a prayer for social communication. Mai and Doi with some other people joined the program. I felt very happy when my guests bought two copies individually. I signed the books they bought. According to them, they will give it away as a gift to their friends to inspire them also to travel.


Ed said...

Congratulations on the book! Received a copy of the book from Doi and still reading it.

Edwin Antonio said...

Thank you Ed. You were mentioned by Doi.Enjoy the story.

Izan Ashley said...

Hi Edwin...

It's me Izan. When can i have this book? As a souvernir maybe.....hehehe


Edwin Antonio said...

Thanks for your inquiry Izan. If I have the chance next year to visit again Malaysia, maybe I can bring a copy for you.. :)