Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ramada and Tres de Mayo

Tres de Mayo is a centuries-old celebration in the Heritage City of Vigan. Of course it is being held every 3rd day of May. I have witnessed this for the first time when I attended the Binatbatan Festival where my friend Glenn accompanied me to check this event.

In the morning, we attended the Holy Mass in honor of Apo Lakay, the miraculous Santo Cristo of the Simbaan a Bassit. It was said that in 1882, a deadly cholera epidemic was ceased through the intercesion of Apo Lakay. Since then, the Biguenos celebrate this day as a religious fiesta in His honor. Up to this time, pilgrims attend masses at the Simbaan a Bassit. The mass was celebrated in front of the church with the decorated ramada.

Ramada is a shade or canopy that bear different kinds of fruits. They hang their agricultural produce such as bananas, corn, garlic, coconuts, vegetables and they also add oranges and pomelos. Every barangay put up one ramada and it used to be a competition for the best decorated.
We went around the town andwe have seen decorated ramadas at each barangay. Later in the afternoon, games were conducted for the children to play and enjoy. Traditional ramada games were played such as the popular breaking the pot.

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