Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eggciting Easter

Easter Sunday is the joyous celebration after the Lenten Season. It is the time when Jesus Christ had resurrected from the dead. He went through the Calvary where He had undergone physical torture and sufferings.

As a tradition of Catholic or Christian faith, an Easter Egg Hunt is usually being held especially for the children. Easter egg is a symbol of the rebirth of Jesus Christ. Egg is the symbol of the start of a new life just like when the chick hatches out from the egg, a new life emerges.

Easter eggs are special eggs given away to celebrate the Easter holiday. One designated place is chosen and the eggs were hidden strategically and the kids got to find them. I had the chance to witness this Easter Egg Hunt on my visit to California last year where I joined the Basilio family attend the Easter mass at the Corpus Christi at Corona Hills. Then later the egg hunt began. Quite a few of the eggs was found by the siblings Chelsea and Jeremy.

The eggs are traditionally painted or dyed chicken eggs but today it is now plastic with chocolates and jelly beans inside it.

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