Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Desert Safari Adventure

This was another big treat for myself when I went for a desert safari adventure in Dubai. I reserved one slot for me via the internet early in the morning. They verified my location and picked me up at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. A man by the name of Ali fetched me at my host’s place. A Malaysian couple were already seated in the car. I was fortunate to have the front seat.

But when we picked up Indian people to join our group they wanted the couple to move at the back seat but this couple did not yield. Ali also requested if I can move at the back to give way for these Indians but I did not and the Malaysians backed me up. They were so rude with their demands. So we maintained our seats. We waited for a moment while they were talking to Ali outside until they finally got into the car. We later proceeded to the desert where the same 4x4 car was driven by Ali.

Justify FullIt was such a thrilling experience because it moved like roller coaster. It got its ups and downs. We followed the trail of the other cars while I was busy taking videos and photographs. The Indian people at our back were the ones screaming because of the shaking movements of the car. It took us around 30 minutes of dune driving.

We stopped at a point where there were lots of ATVs going around. We took photos with the ATVs. We later proceeded to a camp or they call it Al Jabal Village where we rode a camel. These camels were obedient as they rise up gradually with the guest and the guide pulls the tie to move them around and even lower the guest slowly. We took sunset photography.

Then we went in as we were welcomed with coffee, tea and fresh dates. I tried on the Arabic costume. I watched the making of the kubus and the preparation of the food. I smoked and tried the shisha or hubblee bubblee and had fun. Henna painting was also available. A buffet dinner and barbeque and unlimited drinks were served. Arabic belly dance performance was the highlight of the evening. The lady danced gracefully and that closed our night of fun. and adventure. We were then sent off to our respective places.


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