Wednesday, January 6, 2010

100 years of San Nicolas in Sarzuela

After watching the fireworks display at Robinson’s Mall, I heard from San Nicolenos that they are watching sarzuela at the cultural park. So I went there too and saw some friends and familiar faces.

The Sarzuela Ilocana was entitled San Nicolas: Ili Nagtaudak. The 100 years evolution and development of the town was depicted in the story. From the colonization of the province by the Spaniards, its evangelization by having San Nicolas as their patron saint, coming of the Japanese forces then the Americans, to gaining independence in 1909 and living the rustic life by the people, engaging in occupations such as farming and pottery to the recruitment of sacadas to work in Hawaii and to the present situation of its people.

The play has participated in by people from the different sectors of San Nicolas. There was drama, comedy, singing and dancing all rolled into one play. The theme song of the town was sung during the presentation.


Anonymous said...

where can i get a video clip of this zarzuela performance?

Edwin Antonio said...

i have not processed yet the video. just standby for it. i will post it here and in youtube.