Monday, December 7, 2009

Balay Buhay sa Uma

After coming down from Mount Bulusan, we stopped at Balay Buhay sa Uma resort located in Barangay San Roque. We were amazed to see this farm because you will walk under a thoroughfare with beehives hanging over. They are actually stingless bees that are grown here. The main house has a fish pond on its side. At the back of the house is the view of the Mount Bulusan. Several plants and flowers can be seen here.

At the garden, I saw a hose and instantly grabbed it to take a shower. I was like a child who played around with the water. Kuya Dante and Kuya Ike joined me. It was a refreshing feeling to be washed off of the mud and dirt from the trail.

After a while, they served our sumptous meal consisted of grilled fish, laing, native chicken tinola, ampalaya salad. We were served with a dessert of yam cooked in coconut milk called kinaluko with the aromatic tarragon tea. It was a big respite from the exhaustion from the trek.

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