Thursday, November 5, 2009

Miss Earth 2009 Candidates Visit Ilocos

In a short notice, together with my colleagues in The Ilocandia Photographic Society, we went to cover the pre-pageant activities of the candidates for Miss Earth 2009. A group of twelve from the pageant delegation was sent to Ilocos for tree planting and tourism activities.

On our way to Paoay, we chanced upon them at the Ilocos Norte Hotel and Convention Center where they started planting trees and visited the pool of the soon-to-open resort. I met Ms Tanzania Evy Amasi, Ms France Magalie Thierry, Ms Kosovo Elza Marku and the rest of the ladies from Switzerland, Macau, Honduras, Brazil, Singapore, Northern Ireland, Guam, Malta and Peru.

They visited the world heritage Paoay Church as they were welcomed by the town officials. Majority of the delegation were of Catholic faith. They were later invited for snacks of empanada and pizza pinakbet at the Herencia Café.

This is a pageant for a cause wherein candidates are advocates of the protection of the environment. The grand pageant coronation night will be held on November 22, 2009 at the Boracay Convention Center.

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Miss Earth 2009 said...

The candidates are the ambassadress of promoting the Mother Earth call to protect it and save it.

They are not just hot but very glamorous as well in their tree planting activities. :)