Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Revelation in Bangkok

Its SSEAYP time once again. The acronym stands for Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program. It is an annual cultural exchange program sponsored by the Cabinet Office of Japan. One of its activities is the homestay program.

I remember that in 2007, I visited my foster family in Thailand. Mom Noi asked me to join her host the new batch of her foster participating youths(PY). There were two foster PYs we picked up from the homestay matching program. They were Ronald from the Philippines and Pangna from Laos. Mom Noi and I connived and agreed to make a scene. I pretended and acted out as her real son. She introduced me to them as her son. We talked in English while we were on the car and even up to the house. Pangna was so skeptical that I am a son of the family since I didn’t talk in Thai. He was doubtful really since his language is similar to them. He can even detect my accent. He doubted it and finally sensed it so I just revealed to him and got him as an accomplice. Ronald was gullible the whole time. There was a point that I have to reveal to him the truth.

We were at the clinic of Papa Doc, when he started to smile and laugh off of what I had to reveal. I began to ask Ronald if Papa and I were look-alike. I asked Pangna to record it on video while Mom Noi was laughing during the revelation. I apologized to Ronald for just a show and fun but I thanked him for being sport anyway.

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