Friday, October 16, 2009

Ilocana: A Tribute to a Gem

As a tribute to our colleague in the Tawid Cultural Troupe, we serenaded Dr Esmeralda Baldonado on her retirement. She is a precious gem, an emerald at that, in the academic community as well as to her family and friends. A program was held in honor for her on retiring from her academic career where she taught for 40 years. It was held at the Mariano Marcos State University in Laoag City.

We dedicated the lovely song Ilocana composed by Mrs. Porfiria Raval, conductor and head of the group. This song was based on the music of Philippine Beauty by Norberto Romualdez. Here are the lyrics:

O napusaksak nga Ilocana0
Naemma napakumbaba
Lingaling mo a makaliwliwa
Rikot toy biag pukawen na

Siasinno aya ti di agraem kenca
Aribai ka’t takneng ken talna
Pul-oy ti baybay nga agsacnap iti agsapa
Pasudiem pasantaken nat libnos ta rupam

Siasinno aya ti di agrucnoy kenca
O Ilocana taeng ni Saniata
Nagasat ti puso nga sadsad dayta imnas
Narayray nga agnanayon ti ayat mi kenca
O Ilocana