Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Book Donation from Australia

On Monday, I went to Ilocos Norte National High School to give the book donation. This one box of books consisted of references, art books, novels and story books came from my Australian friends led by Dr. Megan Cusack of Queensland. We were alumni from exchange and leadership programs in Japan. She asked me to recommend a school in my area to be a recipient of the book donation project. I chose the said school since I conducted previous projects here. I officially turned over the books to Mrs. Isabel Sandi, Principal IV of the said school. She was happy to receive the books and said that their students would love these to read.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Revelation in Bangkok

Its SSEAYP time once again. The acronym stands for Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program. It is an annual cultural exchange program sponsored by the Cabinet Office of Japan. One of its activities is the homestay program.

I remember that in 2007, I visited my foster family in Thailand. Mom Noi asked me to join her host the new batch of her foster participating youths(PY). There were two foster PYs we picked up from the homestay matching program. They were Ronald from the Philippines and Pangna from Laos. Mom Noi and I connived and agreed to make a scene. I pretended and acted out as her real son. She introduced me to them as her son. We talked in English while we were on the car and even up to the house. Pangna was so skeptical that I am a son of the family since I didn’t talk in Thai. He was doubtful really since his language is similar to them. He can even detect my accent. He doubted it and finally sensed it so I just revealed to him and got him as an accomplice. Ronald was gullible the whole time. There was a point that I have to reveal to him the truth.

We were at the clinic of Papa Doc, when he started to smile and laugh off of what I had to reveal. I began to ask Ronald if Papa and I were look-alike. I asked Pangna to record it on video while Mom Noi was laughing during the revelation. I apologized to Ronald for just a show and fun but I thanked him for being sport anyway.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ay-ay Naliday: An Expression of Sorrow

Last week, I had the chance to watch the Celebration of the Elderly Week upon the invitation of Mr. Pablito Miguel. It was a big gathering of senior citizens of the province of Ilocos Norte. Each town had its representation. It was held at Currimao, Ilocos Norte. One competition being conducted in the event was the vocal solo. The winning entry was a male senior from the town of Banna who interpreted the song Ay-ay, Naliday. It was a song of grief of losing a love of your life.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dardarepdepek nga Agnanayon: A Love Song

A beautiful song entitled Dardarepdepek nga Agnanayon was interpreted by Ryan Samuel Ramos during the launching of the Center for Ilocano-Amianan Studies at the Mariano Marcos State University in Batac. The title literally means always dreaming of you.Here are the lyrics of this lovely song:

Bin-ig man amin a sasainnek
Ti di ag tellay nga ananekek
Ti lak-amen daytoy pusok
Ay ngaminen dayta ulpit

Ta no iti sam-it ni ayat
Sudi na di sipapasnek
Mayyaw-awan da amin
Gaput pateg ti sabali

Dardarepdepek nga agnanayon
Dagidi lailom kaniak
Regta ken dungngo
Aglalo no innak kenka agpasugnod
Agarubos luluak mabuyugan ti panangay-ayom

Ngem no itan di nak pay perngen
Dinak pay a kitaenen
Daydi ayat intalalim ti ayat ken pannagibim

Wenen biagko diak ladingiten
No di mo la panunuten
Ti sudi ken takneng
Ngem apay a unayen

Lagipem di ayat nga inlil lilim
Tapnon di sabali a pateg
Dinak kad ruruden
Ta ngay siksika ti ay-ayatek
No rebbeng na nga ipasabalimon
Dayta kaasim


Friday, October 16, 2009

Ilocana: A Tribute to a Gem

As a tribute to our colleague in the Tawid Cultural Troupe, we serenaded Dr Esmeralda Baldonado on her retirement. She is a precious gem, an emerald at that, in the academic community as well as to her family and friends. A program was held in honor for her on retiring from her academic career where she taught for 40 years. It was held at the Mariano Marcos State University in Laoag City.

We dedicated the lovely song Ilocana composed by Mrs. Porfiria Raval, conductor and head of the group. This song was based on the music of Philippine Beauty by Norberto Romualdez. Here are the lyrics:

O napusaksak nga Ilocana0
Naemma napakumbaba
Lingaling mo a makaliwliwa
Rikot toy biag pukawen na

Siasinno aya ti di agraem kenca
Aribai ka’t takneng ken talna
Pul-oy ti baybay nga agsacnap iti agsapa
Pasudiem pasantaken nat libnos ta rupam

Siasinno aya ti di agrucnoy kenca
O Ilocana taeng ni Saniata
Nagasat ti puso nga sadsad dayta imnas
Narayray nga agnanayon ti ayat mi kenca
O Ilocana

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Staging of Suelto

Suelto is a short version or an excerpt of a sarzuela. The suelto usually tells a love story. It is composed of acting and singing.

During the launch of the Center for Ilocano-Amianan Studies at the Mariano Marcos State University, two couples have performed suelto. They were students from the Ilocos Norte National High School – School for the Arts. The play was under the direction of Mr. Lloyd Rosquita, a faculty member. It was my second time to watch them. The first was at the sarzuela festival. Now it became much improved and much hilarious. Truly entertaining!

Singing by Dueto

During the launch of the Center for Ilocano-Amianan Studies at the Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU) in Batac, Ilocos Norte, singing by duet was performed by Prof. Arsenio Gallego with Ms Hermeline Andres. They both powerfully sang the song O, Kailokuan!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dayo: A Marketplace for Livestock

On our trip to Vigan last month, we dropped by to see the marketplace for livestock called Dayo in the town of Badoc, Ilocos Norte. It is located just at the foot of the Badoc Bridge. It is formerly located at Barangay Napu. This is my second time to see this, now on its new location.

Dayo means to import the two kinds of livestock; the cattle or baka and the carabao or nuang. They still come from other towns in Ilocos Norte as well as in the province of Ilocos Sur. This is basically a trading ground where farmers have to visit this place so that they could buy cows or carabaos they will use in the fields or could sell their own here. This trade business traces its roots from the barter system where one could swap his own livestock to other people.

The place was jampacked with men who were busy negotiating with each other. The livestock were lined up at both sides. I was surprised to learn the rates of these animals when I asked some of the people there. It was also big sum of money when the livestock are sold. The cow at two years of age is sold at Php25, 000.00 whereas a carabao is a little bit expensive at around Php28, 000.00 or higher.

Before or after the business transaction, they would take a heavy breakfast here. Stalls sell a variety of meat viands ranging from adobo (meat cooked in soy sauce), dinardaraan (meat cooked with blood), kilawen (fresh meat of cow seasoned with lemon and spices), igado (composed of internal organs), tinuno (grilled pork meat), and impasar (beef stew or soup). We had a dose of rich cholesterol where we ordered impasar and tinuto with rice.

Dayo is usually held at this place every Wednesdays while the other one happens every Sunday at Batac, Ilocos Norte. Happy trading and eating!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dallot: A Chant for Entreatment

Entreatment or pamanhikan in Tagalog is one of the traditions in the Philippines. The party of the gentleman that includes the parents and other relatives visit the girlfriend’s home with her parents around and other relatives to witness. This is the stage where they talk about the forthcoming marriage. They would ask for the lady’s hand for the gentleman to tie the knot with. They offer dowry to the lady and seal their talk and engage to marry. Serenading is a part of the tradition. In the Iluko culture, dallot is a part of it.

Another very interesting part of Ilocano heritage is the staging of dallot during the launch of the Center for Ilocano-Amianan Studies at the Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU) in Batac, Ilocos Norte. This was performed by JR Cubangbang and Dr. Shirley Mina.

This was my first time to witness this kind of play. It’s really fascinating, humorous to hear and understand the words and its message. The words rhyme and they are like tongue twisters. It was accompanied by sound of a flute. I got from the performers these following texts they used:


A ta daldallot dumidinallang
A ta daldallot dalidallang
Umuna nga innak kablaawan
Daguiti mangimaton ken
Iti masaok ditoy a saklang .

Ay rugiak ngarud ita
Nga ibalikas, isarita
Ti immay mi ginagara
Tapno mangegyo a sangapada.

Nagtarakenak iti manok
Kawitan nga agdudumog
Naispantar ngem natakrot
Ket iti parbangon agtaraok

Ti taraok itopy a manok
Ul-ulitenna iyas-asug
“Ay ama, innak kad la iyasug
Iti sabong a nalibnos.”

Nagnaak ngarud a dagus
Nagpadaya a nagpalaud
Iti dalan a ruborob
Ken napalalu ti kaatiddog.

Isu’t gapuna a nabaonak
Nga immay ditoy, kakabsat
Ta gandatmi ti umay agrukbab
Umuli ita a dayag.


Yamanenmi unay, kakabsat
Ta uray awan bunga toy gandat
Nga Immaymi kadakay indatag
Nagsaad met la nga naimbag.

Ket kas tanda ‘toy ngsasaritaan
Intayo man ita sibugan
Ta bareng dinto la
Mainsa saanan
Ti urnos tayo a sida daan.


Ay sungbatak man, kabsat
Tay balikas mo a nasudi
Uray no awan pang-naamnamaan mi
No la ketdi pasangbayen dakami.

Dikam to aya mabannogan
Nga umay ditoy a saklang
Wen, pudno dikamto la inggaan
No di ni ayat ti inkam


Ala inkamin kakabsatko,
Diyos ti agngina iti ayatyo
Umay kam manen no Domingo
Ket naimbag a rabiiyo

Ata dallot dallidalang
Ata daldallot duminidinallang



A ta daldallot dumidinallang
A ta daldallot dalidallang
Dallot Dumidinallang
Dallidallot, dallidallang.

Kas diak ammo ti sumungbat
Ta kakabsatko, naklaatak
Dios a managngaasi kaasiannak
Nga mangurnos itoy saritak.

Dakkel a parikut, kakabsat ko
Daytoy a ginagarayo
Ikkan dakami ti aldaw ken tiempo
Ta tulagenmi a kas mainumo.

Balbaliwantayonto ti dumatag
A sumaklang ditoy a dayag
A ta dallot, dallidallang



Ngem uray kad no uminomak
Ti basi yo a baak
Diak kad’ pakabasolan,
No ni namnama diak

Ta ammo yo, dikay, agudua
A ni Annakko addan nakemna
No kas pangarigan awan tulagda
Diak maipapilit no madi aya.



Maawatak, kakabsatko
Nadalus gayam gagarayo
Dawaten ngarud toy numo
“Toy balikas ket ipangagyo.”

Nagtarakenak met iti piek
Dumalaguita a bassit
Dinungdungngok nga impasnek
Ta minalem nga aponek.

No iti bigat bussuangak met
Saak pakanen ti maregmeg
Regregak pay ti pegpeg
Iti baet ti basar ken delleg

Ngem itan ta dakkel ni piek
Ni kawitan umasideg
Kayatna ti mangseppeg
Iti dumalaga nga ing-ingutek.

Ngem uray pay no kasta
A ti nagbannogak esmanna
Agpabayadak a kas rebengna
Tapno adda pagmennamennaanna.

Daytoyen ti pagpatinggaan
Ti saritak itoy a saklang
A, ta dallot dalidallang
A daldallot dumidinallang

After lalakian


Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Recitation of Daniw

During the launch of the Center for Ilocano-Amianan Studies at the Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU) in Batac, Ilocos Norte, a recitation of daniw was performed by Prof. Marlina L. Lino who was dressed in Filipiniana.

A daniw is a poem. She beautifully recited Siriringka iti Nakem ti Ili, Apo Ferdinand! It’s a tribute to the former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos who is a son of Batac. It was composed by Mr. Joel Manuel, an alumnus of MMSU Laoag City.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dap-ayan: Nakem Conference's Theme

Dr. Aurelio Agcaoili of the University of Hawaii at Manoa sent me this poster for the upcoming 4th Nakem International Conference which will be held in his school on November 11-14, 2009. This year's theme is Dap-Ayan: Sharing and Understanding Ethnolinguistic Worlds Towards Cultural Pluralism.

I am already excited to attend this event since I am preparing to present a paper. I hope I can finish the paper soon. I am also looking forward to meet the different Ilocano people based in Hawaii and to experience and document the Aloha culture.