Sunday, September 6, 2009

Traditional Peruvian Music

In one night of my stay in Costa Rica nearing the day of my journey to Peru, my friend Maria and her family made fun of me. They let me wore the traditional Peruvian costume with poncho and chullo and handed to me the Peru flag and llama-like stuff toy and the photo of Angel.

Justify FullTo play the traditional music of Peru, they gave me the traditional Andean panpipe or called siku or zamponia for its Spanish term. This is typically made of bamboo. This comes in different sizes where the longest is 4 feet. The Siku uses a diatonic scale and it is a main instrument for the music genre Sikuri.

I totally didn’t have the idea on how to play it, Maria just played a CD on the player and the beautiful music was heard. I just did some lip-synching that nearly looked like I was playing it. I even danced to the beat of the music of the CD and everyone of them was laughing and enjoying the music.

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