Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lima’s Magic Water Circuit

On my recent sojourn to Lima Peru after conquering Machu Picchu, Costa Rican friend Rafa and I were taken by Peruvian friend Angel to the wonderful and magical circuit of water fountains located at the heart of the city. Each guest has to pay an admission fee of four soles and it was very cheap for a big amusement like this.

The Magic Water Circuit or Parque de la Reserva was inaugurated in May 2007. It has become one of the newest and most visited attractions in Lima. It was honored with a Guinness Record for being the largest complex of water fountains in the world and said to be unique in America. This circuit offers thirteen attractive fountains that combine water movement, colored lights, sounds and images. As we entered the park we were amazed by them one by one.

Magic Fountain or Fuente Magica is the largest fountain in the Park of the Reserve. It propels water to a height of over 80m. Another fountain is the Tunnel Fountain of Surprises where we walked 35m distance through the tunnel. There is also the walk-in automated Children’s Fountain. Fuente de la Fantasia is the site of a regularly-scheduled laser and picture show where I saw more of Peru’s culture. It has a length of 120m and contains jet that synchronizes to the playing of music. Others are Harmonious Fountain, Visitable Dome, Rainbow Fountain, Fountain of Illusion, Fuente de las Tradiciones, Fuente Rio de los Deseos, Fuente Tanguis, and Fuente de la Vida.

As a finale we went to play at the Labyrinth of Dreams Fountain where I and Angel got wet when we were hit by the water as we entered the circle of fountain and gradually went out of it avoiding the emission of water. We took off our wet shirts and went back in. It was good that before we came here I bought a souvenir Peru shirt to change the wet one.

It was such a big fun. Very enjoyable for both young and adults. This is one of my unforgettable moments. It was truly an amazing show to enjoy with friends and family.

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