Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Treat to the Pinatubo Spa

After an exhausting but rewarding experience of medical and dental mission, Mayor Rey Cat has toured us to the Pinatubo Spa Town Center which is just at the back of the site of the mission. According to him, this has now become the destination of tourists since they can avail much more here such as Pinatubo trekking, hot spring and mud bath, a trip to the Aeta village, Shiatsu massage and the hot sand spa.

We tried to touch the sand, it was really hot and that its possible to cook an egg with the temperature. These are sulfur sand which were taken from the Mount Pinatubo emissions. This is a communal spa which can accommodate 20 people at the same time. There was also an open room for Shiatsu massage. There is a fee of 500 pesos for each service.

All of my friends availed the spa treatment except for me since I have to rush to Manila for an appointment.

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