Monday, July 20, 2009

Karayan ni Adan: A Song for Adams

When I attended a simple celebration of the Feast of the Holy Redeemer on Sunday at the Redemptorist Quarters at Roieng Laoag where I was the only guest, I had the chance to jam with Brothers Joel, Eugene, Jose, Edwin, Sisters Mai and Rose, the Seminarians and of course with Fr Dennis Despues. He mentioned that he composed a song for the town of Adams. He eventually made and uploaded a video of it to the you tube channel. It was a beautiful song composed by a non-Ilocano priest. Fr Dennis hailed from Oriental Mindoro but he was able to express his fascination over the beauty of Adams, Ilocos Norte through his Ilocano composition. I first heard of this song when a teenage girl sang this when I visited Adams.

The following are the lyrics:

Manipud natalna a biag daguiti nagkauna a tao
Nasirpatanda maysa a paraiso
Rumimatrimat ta danum ti karayan
Daguiti agayayam nga bulos nga ayos
Karayan ni Adan
Intay amin salluadan
Karayan ni Adan
Ikkan tayo ti biag
Karayan ni Adan
Patuluyen ti ayos
Agbibiag itti kinadameg itti aglaulau
Agragragsak itti kinabaknang kultura
Nadumaduma man ti naggappuan
Daytoy paraiso intay annadan
(repeat chorus)
Nagduduma tay man
Pateg tayo itti nataudan
Itti panagkaykaysa, padur-asen ti lugar
(repeat chorus 2 times)
Paraiso a lugar,

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