Friday, July 10, 2009

Kannawidan Festival of Bangui

This is another festival showcased during the Ragrag-o Festival. The town of Bangui featured the Kannawidan Festival which is a five day celebration starting every 26th of April. This is the most awaited event in the said municipality wherein the townsfolk participate to showcase their traditions.

The festival showcases the old customs, traditions and culture of Ilocanos especially Banguinians. This is what Kannawidan would refer to. It aims to preserve and sustain the old traditions, attractive products and practices of the Ilocanos. It also aims to promote the local tourism industry.

In this celebration, they showcase Banguinians passion for development especially in the industry of fishing and farming where these are the main occupations of the local people. This is a music and dance festival of folklore and traditions from the centuries-old history of Bangui.

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