Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bac-Bacarra Festival

I covered this event during the Ragrag-o Festival where every town of Ilocos Norte showcased their festival celebrations.

The town of Bacarra staged the Baca-Bacarra Festival. It was started in the year 2005 as a revival and preservation of their cultural heritage. Bac-bacarra is a legendary word which refers to specie of freshwater fish abundant in the rivers of the town in the olden days where it got its name by a Spanish soldier who passed by the place.

Fishing is the main industry in the town where they get good catch of quality and high valued fish products. They owe it to their patron Saint Andrew the Fisherman. And this festival celebration serves as a thanksgiving to the abundant fish catches. The highlight of the said event is the street dancing depicting the history of the town and fishing itself. Young boys and girls clad in their blue and yellow fish net costumes, salakot and fishing gears interpreted and presented the dance.

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