Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Santacruzan in Vigan

Following the calesa parade was the Santacruzan procession. A mass was held at the cathedral and the images of saints were paraded from the cathedral to the plaza down to the Heritage Street. There was of course the parade of beauties where the different lady characters of Santacruzan were present such as Queen of Sheba, Reyna Caridad, Queen of Virgins, Queen of Angels, Queen of Justice and a few more. Then a short program was held inside the cathedral.

Santacruzan (Festival of the Holy Cross) is a historical-religious beauty pageant held in most cities and villages of the Philippines during the month of May. It’s a colorful celebration during the Flores de Mayo. This joyful celebration is the commemoration of the search of the Holy Cross by Queen Helena or Reyna Elena and her son Emperor Constantine. After the Holy Cross was found in Jerusalem, it was brought back to Rome and a thanksgiving celebration was held. This is where the festivity started .

This festival was introduced by the Spaniards to the Philippines and it became part of the Filipino tradition. Aside from the novenas conducted, procession, and pageant; a culminating activity is being held for the children to enjoy. It is called pabitin. It is a square trellis where goodies such as candies, toys, chocolates were hung by strings and these are being picked by kids by jumping while the trellis goes up and down. This activity was held at the Plaza Maestro where the different goodies came from the business establishments nearby.

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