Thursday, May 7, 2009

Alluring Anuplig and Inuwayan Falls

While attending the festival in Adams, I went with my group on a nature tripping. We went to see the beautiful Anuplig Falls which is 3.50 km away from the town proper. We walked to the site for an hour. It’s the same route we took when we went to Lake Linao. The water falls is of good height. There is a catch basin under the falls and another layer of small falls. Its water flows down to the Bolo river and out to the China Sea.

We swam and enjoyed its water. My companions went even diving. This falIs is so wonderful. It’s cool on the area because its surrounded by trees. The water is so crystal clear and it’s drinkable.

We also visited the Inuwayan Falls which is located 0.35km from the center. We walked to the site for 30 minutes. We did not take a dip because we just had pictorials at it. This falls is small compared to Anuplig. These are only some of the alluring falls that can be found in the town of Adams.

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