Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Transit to the Sunshine State

Upon arrival at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport from San Jose, I lined up at the immigration counter. The officer asked me the purpose of my visit to US and so I stated a transit in Florida for I have a flight to Peru on the next day. He even asked me if I really love travelling since he saw my almost filled up passport. I went out to ride the bus at once since I have to find my way to my hostel named Bridge II hostel. It was just close to the airport and paid only a dollar for the bus fare. I checked in at the hostel and used the free internet. I met my roommates, a French mother and son who were on vacation.

Florida is branded as the Sunshine State since its almost sunny most of the year and there were so many beaches all around. The famous Miami beach is very much close to Fort Lauderdale. Early morning on the next day, I went to the Fort Lauderdale Beach. I walked for an hour to reach the place. It was worth the walk since its a lovely beach with all the palm trees and the birds flying around. They were grooming the sand with a machine. Some people were swimming and some were sunbathing. I was not lucky to have the ample time to maybe swim and enjoy the place a little longer since I have my flight in the afternoon.

I went back to my hostel because I have to check out. Along the way, I saw a dollar tree store which sells various items for just a dollar an item. I was happy to buy foods such as a liter of juice, a pack of chips, sandwich spread, noodle soup all for one dollar each. What a great value.

I took my lunch at the hostel before proceeding to the airport. I checked in early but there was a delay in the schedule of our flight.

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