Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Day at the Puntarenas

For me to at least experience beach of international waters, I was advised to go to the nice Puntarenas. It is a large city in the province of the same name in Costa Rica. Puntarenas which means “Sandy Point” in Spanish is located on the Pacific coast.

After having breakfast, Papa Fernando and Mama Vilma sent me off to the bus terminal. It was a two-hour ride from San Jose to Puntarenas. The bus goes all the way off to the beach side. It was so hot in the area nevertheless I took a walk along the street and visited establishments such as souvenir shops and restos. There were many peddlers of granisado, sorbetes, barbeques and chicharon. I also visited Port Caldera. It is the docking area of the luxury cruise ships.

Then I walked along the shore and I was tempted to take a dip. The cool water was a big relief to the warm temperature. It was so refreshing. The sand was brownish and the water was calm. Many tourists were also swimming and doing water activities such as banana boats.

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