Friday, February 20, 2009

Trippin' in the Sin City

Las Vegas is called Sin City since it is the gambling capital of the world. Many casinos, hotels, shopping malls abound in this city. It is also billed as the Entertainment Capital of the World.

I arrived in the city at 4:15am by Greyhound Bus from San Diego. I was picked up by Nana Charing at past 5am upon the endorsement of Manong Edgar. We greeted each other as I introduced myself to her. Her daughter Madeline drove us home. We had breakfast as we chatted. She related her life story in Vegas. I rested and slept for three hours then they called me for lunch.

Later in the afternoon, we went to visit her husband confined at the Sumerlin Hospital. She asked her children Tony and Maui to tour me around in the Vegas Strip. It was amazing to see many casinos downtown. I get to see only these scenes from movies. They took me to Caesar Palace where we visited the indoor garden with a Chinese theme. Then later watched the fantastic watershow infront as I viewed the Eiffel Tower Restaurant on the background. Then we headed to Bellagio for some other shows. Another site to visit is downtown Las Vegas where we watched a spectacular show projected in the dome of the Fremont Street Experience. Tony bought us Corona beer to drink while watching.

Lastly, he treated us for a sumptous dinner at California Hotel and Casino with a T-bone steak and buffet salad and another round of Corona beer. We even met some Pinoys who work in the restaurant. We rushed to McCarran International Airport for my flight at 10:50pm via Westjet airline bound for Vancouver. I bade goodbye to my hosts and thanked them for that wonderful moment of trippin' in Vegas.

As we took off I have seen the whole of Las Vegas from the air. So full of lights. It was a fascinating sight. It is being said that as seen from the space, metropolitan Las Vegas is the brightest on Earth.

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