Monday, February 2, 2009

The Gameng Village

The Gameng Village was a byproduct of the Solsona’s town fiesta. They conceptualized and came up with this wonderful idea and attraction. This is where they showcased the wealth and treasures of their municipality. Mrs Espiritu a teacher in the town graciously toured me around the village.

I have seen the dried meat of deer or venison, wild pig and eel hanging in one of the huts. Some other food items exhibited were balayba weeds, daludal, other vegetables and the kasama noodles made from kamote, saluyot and malunggay vegetables. There were many items being exhibited such as the old mortar and pestle or armilis, old lamps or kingki, candle holder or kandelabra, chest or lakasa, pitcher or kafitera, flat iron with charcoal or plantsa, durduri, salakot, talao (tabungaw), food keeper, sagat, lampa, tangguyob or trumpet made of carabao’s horn which I tried but it did not work, sakupit or backpack, baki or chicken’s nest, kuribot, dulang or table, abel cloth and so much more.

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