Saturday, November 22, 2008

Paoay Lake and the Festival

The 1st Return of the Great Cormorant to Paoay Lake Festival was held today at the view deck of Nagbacalan, Paoay in Ilocos Norte through the initiative of Dr. Petrus Calupe, a physician who built his retirement house near the area. From the time he settled here he observed many birds flying over the waters of this legendary lake and was able to monitor these birds for several years and counted and identified them according to their species. Locals have also been witnesses to the migration of these birds in the area. The Philippine ducks are commonly and easily seen here with an average of 600. The cormorants are also commonly seen here with around 10 of them.

This is an event aimed to celebrate the healthy environment of the Paoay Lake because it is being visited by migratory and local birds. This is a sign of a bountiful lake and a thanksgiving is just necessary.

According to its legend, this is a place where a village sank due to flood. It is being told that if someone goes into the deep, one can see the shadows of the houses and buildings. It is also believed that the catch of the fishermen are the fishes adorned with jewels who were the inhabitants of the ill-fated village.

Inspirational messages were delivered by local officials. An educational forum conducted by Dr Calupe, bird watching by the telescope as enjoyed by everyone, drawing contest were some of the activities held. Kayaking is also promoted as one of the prospective activity. Two kayak boats are available to the public for rent. This place is perfect for family picnics or dating place for couples since sheds are also available for rent.

This is surely another interesting tourist attraction since Paoay town will soon be named as one of the important bird’s sites or areas of the Philippines.

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