Saturday, October 18, 2008

Laoag’s Night Market by the Riverside

It was Friday night last night and I trooped to the riverside to see the night market for the first time on its new location. Previously, the location was at the Bonifacio St. infront of the Sinking Bell Tower. It had a legal problem so they transferred temporarily at the east side of the public market or Abadilla St. and now permanently to the riverside. From the bridge, one can view the stalls lined up on the stretch of the riverside street.

Holiday season is fast approaching and that shopping gradually done ahead of time so people shop here for various items and products they need. It ranges from RTW’s, pillows, curtains, hardware items, slippers, christmas decorations, DVD’s, CD’s and a whole lot more.

The night market is open during Wednesdays and Fridays that starts at 7pm and closes at past 10pm. This is open all year round and it started in the year 2004. Some local tourists dropped by here to shop for some items and souvenirs. This is being managed by the local government.