Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Honesty Coffee Shop of Batanes

Where in the world can you find a coffee shop that is not attended by anyone? Its only in the islands of Batanes where you can make and drink your coffee and take snacks without a cashier or sales clerk. This is called the Honesty Coffee Shop where you can get what you want to buy and just list the products you have taken with its corresponding price on a notepad and drop your bill on the box provided. Its simply honesty which rules on this shop.

I heard from the people around and confirmed from the proprietress Elena Gabilo who was so busy to attend to her business of providing snacks at the pier. She has yet to go farming everyday. So, she had no choice but just to leave her items at one corner and let the interested leave the payment. It’s her dedication to the people to provide snacks and a hot drink who travels out to the sea.

Wow, this honesty coffee shop is truly amazing. Its only found in the Philippines!

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