Friday, July 4, 2008

A Fourth of July Weekend in Baguio

I went up to Baguio City yesterday upon the request of my sister-in-law Myrna to guide them tour the city. She was with her boss Taiwanese Ms Chang and her ward Mimi for a short vacation in the country. My mom Loreta and brother Jonathan with a certain driver went to join us also. We fetched our guests at the Victory Liner terminal at 5pm and later checked in at Hotel Veniz located at Abanao Road. Its off season so there was a discounted rate given. It was Php1565 for a standard aircon room for a night. There was a catch on the breakfast they serve. Its only the first morning that they include the breakfast free of charge. Succeeding breakfast is to be paid.
I was forced to familiarize myself with the sites in Baguio and their locations so I took a map from the tourist information center situated at the bus terminal of Victory Liner to serve as guide.
We went at once to the Burnham Park where we walked around and later rented a pedal boat for Php100 good for 3 persons. We had just a couple of rounds around the water. We proceeded later to SM Baguio to take our dinner.

We had breakfast. We were caught in the traffic jam along session road since there was a parade of American war veterans together with girlscouts and boyscouts which I presumed to be the celebration of the American- Philippines friendship day. We had first stop at the Baguio Cathedral where we attended a first Friday mass. The church was jampacked with pupils from Saint Louis to which I guess were the sponsors for the said mass. We took some photos.

Next stop was at the Mines View Park. There were scanty people in the area attributed to off peak season and the rainy days. My mom and I rented each the Igorot costumes for Php10. Its wonderful to be wearing the traditional or tribal costume. Then we moved to the Mansion House where we took some photos infront of the gate which was a miniature of the gate of the Buckingham Palace in London. Went inside the garden. We later got on to horseback riding at the Wright Park where we paid Php150 for half an hour service of the horse for unlimited number of persons to consume the 30minutes.

We just went inside the Club John Hay where we saw the beautiful American houses or villas and proceeded to the Philippine Military Academy. We saw some of the cadettes on a structured movements. We took photos from the Melchor Hall and the tree house and even with a cadette on uniform.

We took lunch at McDo at SM then we proceeded to Tam-awan Village, a traditional village composed of old houses brought down from Ifugao. There were exhibits of art pieces.

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