Saturday, July 12, 2008

Daklis in Currimao

Fishing is a traditional occupation in Ilocos since it is a coastal area. It is an activity of catching fish employing various fishing techniques that include netting, trapping, angling and hand gathering.

Daklis is an Ilocano term for net fishing. They employ the use of a huge fish net to catch. Last December I had the chance to witness daklis in the town of Currimao wherein the townsfolk help each other pull the big net for more than two hours under the scorching heat of the sun. Everyone was enjoying the activity most especially when they were nearing the catch and the fish start jumping on the net. This particular documentation took place infront of the Sitio Remedios Resort owned by Dr Cuanang. Also witnessing the daklis was National Artist for Visual Arts Bencab.

In this particular daklis, the catch was the fish monamon usually made into a kilawin or prepared raw by sprinkling it with calamansi juice, ginger, onions and some tidbits of tomatoes. It is popularly used in making bagoong.


Anonymous said...

I'm doing some research on our province, sir. Your site is an excellent resource! Daklis has got to be one of my favorite ilokano traditions now.
Sir, let's join the photo contest at If you have a concept and want some company to go and shoot, you know how to contact me. ;-)

Edwin Antonio said...

Thank you Alaric for your offer and comments. Hope that it might help you on your research work. Lets go and shoot and try join the contest.