Thursday, June 12, 2008

Philippine Independence Day

Today marks the 110th year of the Philippine Independence and it’s truly a liberation of our nation from foreign forces and colonization. Philippines has been the first country in Southeast Asia to gain its full independence so it’s a must for us Filipinos to celebrate our freedom and commemorate all the struggles that our forefathers and heroes had fought for.

All of the government offices throughout the country had their Independence Day Rites this morning with singing of the Philippine National Anthem and raising of the Philippine flag. President Arroyo led the Independence Day Celebration at the Rizal Park in Quirino Grandstand with the unveiling of the Philippine Flag Marker.

The title of the Philippine national anthem is “Lupang Hinirang,” and here is the Ilocano translation:

Imnas nga ili
Baggek iti dumaya
'Toy ay-ayatmi
Ti sagutmi kenka
Daga't kinasudi
Indayon ti nakired
Iti mangdadael
Haanka pailuges
Kadagiti tangatang ken ulep
Bambantay ken baybay
Addan dayag ti daniw ken dayyeng
Ti napateg a wayam
Ti raniag ta wagaywaymo
Ket balligi a nasileng
Ti init ken dag'ti bitbituenna
Dinto pulos aglidem
Nakaliblibnos unay a daga't ayat
Daytoy biag, langit dita dennam
Ngem no ti dayawmo't inda dadaesen
Ingga't tanem, sumalakankam

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