Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dulang Food Festival

05.02. 2008

The Ilocano word dulang means table. This event features table foods. Its the 5th year that is being celebrated in concurrence with the Pamulinawen Festival of Laoag City. There were restos being invited to showcase and sample their food products. Most of the foods featured are traditional. I have seen the dudol, cascaron, kinalti, pakbet, longanissa, and many others. The Ilocanos are fond of eating malunggay or horseradish thus uniquely made products from this are also exhibited. There is malunggay cookies, polvoron, pretzel, chips and others. Its only the malunngay ice cream that I have not seen. This is a food innovation by the Mariano Marcos State University.

A display that caught the attention of the spectators is the giant sunshine sinuman. It is truly innovative that replicated the emblem of the city.

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